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Besa Gaming Whitepaper 

  1. Besa Gaming Company (BGC):

We are a fun and exciting gaming project that is located on the blockchain. Earn real money and play with your friends to share in rewards or take it from them! Our games will reward our players with our P2E options. Our holders will share a 3% of the tax collected for selling our tokens automatically plus a share of 2% from the Buy tax! whomever owns our NFTs will also be given a share of 1% from every buy.

$Besa tokens will be our one and only token for our project! we plan to expand into several chains to expant our brand to other crypto markets along the way. But unlike others we want to grow our currency into a real powerhouse in the Crypto market and our project into a real gaming company creating games and content for years to come.


  1. Mission Statement:


  • To provide fun and easy to understand game/s that all walks of life can understand and enjoy.


  • To give the players the ability to earn money and play with friends or anyone around the world.


  • Implement real use case NFTs for our loyal community to obtain and create passive income.


  • To give early holders incentives to hold and benefit for years to come.


  • To create a real gaming company with several games and continue support and innovation for those games.



1.2 Gaming Modes:


Single player


Players can choose to play alone.


In this mode, Players simply log in, Play the game and see what they have earned at the end of the game.


Once the level is completed players will have the option to choose a Double or nothing opportunity. If selected, players are then given the opportunity to play the game and double their winnings or lose it all.

Multiple player options.


PvP – Will be implemented on most of our games.


Players can choose to play with someone they know or anyone from around the world.


Playing this option allows the winner to take all the winnings the players earn. The player with the highest $Besa bag at the end wins the opponent's tokens.


The winning player is then given the option to double their stack, with the double or nothing opportunity


We will implement an option to use different cryptos into our games. As our partnerships grow those options will also increase.




The Beginning


  • Launch Website and socials


  • Marketing


  • Partner to create relationships


  • VIP Presale before IDO


  • Marketing


  • Live into Pancake swap and dextools


Quarter 4 2023


  • Build our following on socials


  • Release our 1st Game Gold Rush Racer


  • Downloadable on all the app stores


  • Competitions, fund raising and charity events



Quarter 1 2024


  • Get token listed on ranking sites like CMC and CoinGecko


  • Release more games!


  • Continuous building of levels for our games


  • Expansion of our team with more Game developers


  • Begin the process to expand into the Metaverse


  • Large marketing campaign, Press releases and calls


       Quarter 2 2024


  • Start the process to create The Besa Gaming company


  • Decide what Will be our next step regarding our staking or enter our next big Exchange


  • Expand our holders by getting Besa into different swaps through partnerships


  • Continue the release of more games and updates to our current games


Quarter 3 2024


  • The creation of our board of directors (A combination of the team and our top holders)


  • The start of the development for our 1st metaverse game


  • After securing our corporation status we start the interview process for our in-house game developers, advertising and team offices.


  • The implementation of Besa week. Golf-tournament, gaming competitions and charity events.


  Our NFTS


There are 4 levels of NFTs planned for us


Our OG, Gold, silver and normal. Our originals Nfts will be released in our marketplace and the owners will be part of our private group and board of directors.


  1. Advertising


We will be selling advertising space within our games. The revenue will be used to benefit all holders by buying our tokens and distribute them to everyone holding and supporting us.


  1. Staking


Staking will be implemented as soon as possible. The contract itself will have that option already integrated and we will use a portion of the selling tax for that fund. After a year we will revisit this feature and decide whether to continue? Expand? Or completely scratch it. Regardless of what we decided it will be for the benefit of the project. A decision to be made by our board of directors.


  1. Muli token expansion


We plan to expand into different markets as we continue to grow the BESA brand and utilities. Our gaming ecosystem will only continue to grow along with our utilities giving us the opportunity to expand Besa to more crypto holders by adopting more chain as well. The team will make the preparations required and keep the community informed accordingly.

  1. Future Plans

Future Plans for Besa Gaming as a Corporation:

  • Expand the levels to our games and invest into the metaverse

  • Make deals with known influencers to be characters for our NFTs and games

  • In game advertising is a must and will be implemented as soon as possible

  • Large scale, worldwide gaming competitions

  • Discuss with development team about Implementing games and app for other projects and partners

  • Become a real player in a multibillion dollars industry Creating our LLC corporation with full time employees and developers

  • Create mutually beneficial relationships with people, companies and charities to find solutions to everyday problems.


  1. Gaming Industry

In 2023 the mobile gaming industry is estimated to have generated $41.7 billion in revenue just from the app stores and increase of 11% from the year before. Worldwide there are over 2.8 billion mobile gamers. As crypto acceptance grows just being able to capture small % of those users would bring massive gains for our crypto project.

Our goal will be part of that industry and eventually become a mayor player in crypto games and more.




  1. The Breakdown



Besa Gaming will be released with several games in house and will continue to expand our portfolio with many fun and exciting games. Having a real team of developers will allow us to make changes and improvements to those games as part of our game plan.



Our team is fully doxed, committed to be completely honest and more than anything ready to get to work and prove that our investors are in good hands.

The name Besa means that you “Will keep your promise or Word no matter what”

We will be guided by that from day one.


Our marketing team is approaching an abundance of influencers across all social media platforms. Our experience and connections with other projects have proved to be an asset for us as we move forward.

We will also use email marketing, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube will be our main focus for promotion.


  1. Disclaimer


Website and Besa Gaming App Disclaimer

  1. Besa Gaming makes no warranty or representation that this Website and Besa App will meet your requirements, that it will be of satisfactory quality, that it will be fit for a particular purpose, that it will not infringe the rights of third parties, that it will be compatible with all systems, that it will be secure,   and that all information provided will be accurate. We make no guarantee of any specific results from the use of this Website or App.

  2. No part of this Website or App is intended to constitute advice and the content of this Website or App should not be relied upon when making any decisions or taking any action of any kind.

  3. No part of this Website and or App is intended to constitute a contractual offer capable of acceptance. No goods and/or services are sold through this Website or App and product and/or service details are provided for information purposes only.

  4. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all graphical representations of products and/or descriptions of services available correspond to the actual products and/or services, Besa Gaming is not responsible for any variations from these descriptions.

  5. Besa does not represent or warrant that such products and/or services will be available from us or our premises. For this reason, please contact us prior to visiting if you wish to enquire as to the availability of any products and/or services. Any such inquiry does not give rise to any express or implied warranty that the products and/or services forming the subject matter of your inquiry will be available upon your arrival at our premises.

  6. All pricing information on the Website or App is correct at the time of going online.   Besa Gaming reserves the right to change prizes and alter or remove any special offers from time to time and as necessary.

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