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About Us

Besa Gaming is a professional and honest gaming platform that offers a unique and enjoyable experience for its users. Our services focus on the integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, making it a real business in the world of gaming. At Besa Gaming, you can expect nothing less than a professional approach to the gaming industry.

Mountain Ridge

Our Story

At Besa Gaming, we are passionate about bringing new, innovative, and exciting gaming experiences to the world. Our platform is built on the principles of blockchain technology and real cryptocurrency, ensuring that our users enjoy the highest levels of transparency, security and authenticity. We believe in honest business practices and work tirelessly to provide real value to our customers. Our journey has been filled with challenges, but we are never deterred. Join us as we continue to innovate, grow, and push the boundaries of the gaming industry.

Besa means to keep your word/promise no matter what! It’s a code of honor that guide us from the very beginning and that will stay with us always.

Meet The Team


Founder /CEO
Gabriel Navarro

Sr. Software developer

Gerardo Ramirez

Chris Burns

Hardware / development
Darius Oravec

Social Media

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